Executive Summary: The Icing On The Cake!

As an important (nearly mandatory) item of communication when responding to invitations to tender for major projects in France or abroad, the Executive Summary meets a dual need:

•Summarize a long and often complex proposal,

• Communicate the right messages to high-level decision-makers.

It describes the main technical, financial, commercial, and economic aspects of a proposal. More than a prestigious medium, it is a rigorous document that describes, presents, reinforces and justifies. Enclosing highly targeted information, it is the true “icing on the cake” that can tip the scales in the right direction.

> EffiText has provided turnkey Executive Summaries for THOMSON-CSF, then for THALES, on topics with strong political, strategic and technological content:

  1. Anti-Aircraft Weapon Systems

  2. Broadcast Networks

  3. Communication Systems

  4. Army Information Systems

  5. Air Trafic Management

Clients : Canadian MoD, Saudi Arabia Ministry of Telecommunication, Austrian Army, DGA (France Armament Procurement Agency), Ethiopia Ministry of Transport, NATO…

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